For many, they are the most beautiful mountains in the world. For others they are simply emblematic of South Tyrol. For us, the Three Peaks are our home. We at the Eggele have profound ties to the landscape of this UNESCO world heritage site. And we want to share our good fortune with you. Our hotel is right in the heart of the Three Peaks area of the Dolomites.

There are two natural parks in this area - the Tre Cime and the Fanes-Senes-Braies - offering some wonderful scenery and a huge variety of species. During the summer months, we can take you out every day on guided hikes and exciting mountain bike tours. In winter, we can go skiing together on beautiful slopes and explore some secluded paths. Whether you want to go out alone or in our company, you'll find plenty of opportunities for doing sport, exploring or relaxing in the Three Peaks area of the Dolomites.