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Our little corner of paradise - The Rainer Family and the Hotel Eggele

200 years of tradition.
Here's our hotel in San Candido

No one knows exactly how long our home has stood here, in what is probably the loveliest corner of Prato alla Drava, near San Candido. But one thing's for sure: the "Eggele", as this place has been known for generations, has always been a centre of warmth and hospitality. The alpine Boutique Hotel Eggele has been a family-run hotel for 200 years. Over time, our traditional farmhouse in San Candido has turned into a splendid 4-star hotel, which we manage with lots of love and dedication.

Our guests are like members of our family. So, every day, we do our best to make you feel really welcome in our home. There's history everywhere here at the Eggele: in our magnificent centuries-old farmhouse stube; in the "Pokalstube", where skiing trophies testify to successes by talented family members; in the "Olympiastube", where you can relive the excitement of the Cortina Winter Olympics of 1956; and in the corridors and niches of our home, where you can still find treasured family objects and photos of our eventful history. We will be happy to show you our hotel in San Candido and tell you its story.
Your hosts at the Eggele
Nice to meet you! This is us: the Rainer family!
Hospitality has been in our family’s DNA... for almost 200 years! Come to meet us, and you will understand why we could not imagine our life without the Eggle.


Alois Rainer, a local farmer, built a splendid tavern on his farm. With the help of his family, he opened the first shop in the village, where he sold all the essentials, and where people exchanged news and gossip.



The Eggele was granted a license to sell alcohol. Maria and Alois Rainer Junior became the first hosts in our family. Their tavern became a meeting-place for farmers and labourers, who came to drink, play cards and chat.

fenster-007Rainer altes Haus ca 1885


Alois Rainer the third (known as "Lois") married Filomena, and after the war she began to cook for customers and to rent out their first "guest rooms". People came from all over the world, attracted by the idea of summer holidays in the Dolomites. Our stube was originally the farm kitchen, while the main entrance was once in the passageway. During the 1950s and '60s, more rooms were added to accommodate the growing number of customers.



Hermann, the son of Filomena and Alois, took over the business; a talented skier and keen mountaineer, he loved taking guests out into the mountains. This is still the case; indeed, when you stay at the Hotel Eggele, you have the option of going out on guided hikes and ski trips, as well as bike rides.



Hermann and Margit got married. In the following decades they worked with great diligence and commitment, laying the foundations for our current hotel business in San Candido. They undertook some major renovations in the period between 1979 and 1981, and created our famous "Eggele-Stube" with scenic view in 1985.



The Hotel Eggele continued to expand. We constructed our Eggele Residence just 45 metres from the main building, with apartments to accommodate between 2 and 5 people. These have proved to be very popular with families, and with those who prefer to be independent while on holiday.



We continued to improve our facilities by adding such things as our new Superior rooms and a new lift. We also installed our own biomass heat and power system, ensuring that our heating has a neutral impact on the environment. It provides clean energy not only to the Eggele, but also to twenty other homes in the village. Once a week, we offer guided tours of our ecological heat and power system.



We created a special place for peace and relaxation: the Eggele wellness area. With its saunas, steam baths, scenic relaxation areas, reading room and Vital-Bar, it has become a popular facility for our guests.



The Hotel Rainer Eggele changed its name to the "Hotel Eggele". Our hotel at San Candido is now managed by a new generation. We are proud of our long history, and we will always remain a genuine family business. Our family consists of: Evelyn Rainer with her husband Thomas and children Luis and Leo; parents Margit and Hermann, and brother Markus with his wife Johanna and little Alma and Max.