• Lead:
    You have always to put a leash on your dog.

  • Areas where your dog can’t enter:
    Dogs can’t stay in our restaurants, sauna area, garden with natural pool.
    You can bring your dog in the “Gaststube”.

  • To walk with your dog:
    We kindly ask to not leave the dog excrements on streets, gardens etc. Important: our fields are used for the alimentary production/milk.

  • Garbage bag for excrements:
    If you don’t have garbage bags, please use those in our room, or ask at the reception.

  • Towels for dogs:
    Ask at the reception if you need towels for your dog! Please don’t use the towels from your bathroom.

  • Blanket for dogs:
    Ask at the reception, if you need blankets for your dot!

  • Room/apartment:
    We kindly ask to respect that the guests after you will also spend a nice holiday in the room. So please play attention with the furniture. Please look that your dog is not staying on the bed, sofa etc. Please take care, that your dog will not destroy the furniture.

  • Sign „dog – I am in the room“
    Please leave the sign on the door, if your dog is lonely in the room.

  • Final cleaning - damage
    If necessary, we will bill a final cleaning or damage.

    We kindly ask to use the entrance at the first floor with your dog.

Thanks for understanding – we wish a nice holiday with your god.

Thanks for collaboration
Family Rainer and the room maids!